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Ancient Corinth Private Tour

Ancient Corinth was one of the major cities of ancient Greece.

As we approach the Corinth Canal (aprox 6km long) that links the Ionian to the Aegean Sea, we will first stop on the old bridge and admire the vertical sides of the Isthmus, this pioneering landscaping masterpiece opened between 1882-1893.

After a short drive, we reach the site of Ancient Corinth. Due to its location, it was a very vibrant trading city known as "wealthy", luxury Corinth. It played a dominant role in the Persian Wars, and was of significant importance in the development of ancient Greek sculpture.

Here, we can visit the Acropolis of Ancient Corinth (Akrocorinthos), with its spectacular views, as it stands on a rock 575 meters high.

Besides the breathtaking views, there are various things to see here, with most important the ancient ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, and the remainders of a 16th century mosque.

The archeological site of Ancient Corinth is located 7km from the new city of Corinth, with a view to the large Ancient Agora (Market). Some points of interest you can admire while here are the Pirini spring, the Roman Era mosaic, the Ioulia Basilica, the Roman baths, the complex of the Holy Spring.

Leaving the Holy Spring complex, you can find one of the most important monuments in the area, the Temple of Apollo. Other excellent monuments in the nearby area include the Glafki spring, the Odeon, the Theater and the Asklepion.

On the site, you can also visit the Corinth museum, built on 1931 by W. Stuart Thompson, which houses numerous important artifacts from prehistoric era to byzantine period, excavated from the area.

Our tour finishes with a visit to the Ancient Kehries Port site, from which St. Paul disembarked.

Before leaving for Athens, lunch or dinner in a traditional Greek tavern is an experience you can’t miss.

Duration: Approximately 6-8 hours



  • Stop at the marvelous Corinth canal
  • Take a breathtaking view from the Acropolis of ancient Corinth
  • Stroll through the arceological site of ancient Corinth
  • Visit the Corinth museum
  • Rest at the Ancient Kehries Port site

Time Schedules and Duration

Duration: Approximately 6-8 hours

The tour time and routes may be changed by your request. Lunch, Dinner, Coffee break can be arranged on demand.

Archaeological Museum of Corinth Opening Hours:

Working days: open daily, 8:30-15:00 (winter)

Working days: open: daily, 08:00-17:00 (summer)

Dress Code and Clothing Essentials:

In order to have a pleasant trip, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. During the summer season do not forget a hat and sunglasses. The Ancient Kehries area is also ideal for swimming and sun bathing, beach apparel and swimming costumes are an option for those who seek a more active nature tour.


Vehicle Options

Luxury Limousines for up to 4 passengers

Mini Van for up to 9 passengers

Mini Bus for up to 17 passengers

Tour Guide and Language Options

Multilingual guides are available upon request.